Kanye West Participation with Nike Confirmed

Kanye West Participation with Nike Confirmed

Kanye West (or currently known as ‘Ye’) is a Chicago rapper and producer, who partnered with Nike in 2007 to come up with the Nike Air Yeezy brand. West has been known for his flair in fashion and this was a good opportunity for him to take his career in clothing to the next level. This was the first collaboration produced by Nike that was not in partnership with an athlete.

The rapper, together with Nike’s Creative Director at the time, Mark Smith, designed the Nike Air Yeezy from 2007 to 2009.  The Nike Air Yeezy is considered to be the most popular shoe in the sneaker world due to its limited availability and association with a famous figure. The design process was long, inspired by the Nike shoes including some Jordan models. For instance, Zen Gray’s sole adapted Jordan 3, originally released in 1988. The first Yeezy all-black shoe was released in the 2008 Grammy Awards during West’s performance and its buzz started immediately. Surprisingly, the public wasn’t aware of Nike collaboration with Kanye West until then.

The shoe initially sold at $215 with the price skyrocketing to thousands. In fact, the all-black Nike Air Yeezy that West wore to the 2008 Grammy Awards is selling at $250,000 today. The shoe incorporates Nike Air Technology, is very comfortable and can be worn all day. According to some reviewers, the shoe’s unique design was never seen before and this contributed to its great demand. It features three colorways; Nike Air Yeezy Zen Gray, Nike Air Yeezy Black/Pink and Nike Air Yeezy Net/Tan.

The Air Yeezy was so successful that Air Yeezy 2 was introduced in 2012, designed by the rapper and Nathan Vanhook. This was more popular and sold more than its predecessor at $4000 from an initial retail price of $245.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 was to be created from the several designs left over from Air Yeezy design process. However, that wasn’t the case. The shoe features more animalistic design inspiration. It sports a ridged reptile inspired heel counter and snake skin design on the quarters. The design also shows keen attention to detail. Some people praised its spiky heel counter’s material provided excellent aid when wearing the kick. Like its predecessor, Nike Air Yeezy 2 features three colorways; Nike Air Yeezy II Black/Solar Red, Nike Air Yeezy II Pure Platinum and Nike Air Yeezy II Red October.

Unfortunately, West parted ways with Nike in 2014 and joined Adidas the following year. Although West was deeply grateful to Nike for giving him a shot, he expressed his frustrations as well. He lamented the reasons for his departure were Nike’s unwillingness to change and that it wasn’t giving him an opportunity to express his creativity. According to West, Nike didn’t give him royalties for his own shoes. The brand wanted the proceeds to be paid to a charity of his choice. It is also rumored that Nike kept on pushing the release dates for the Red October so as to drive more sales and hype, which caused the end of the partnership with the rapper.

Why Jordan is More Expensive than Just Nike

Why Jordan is More Expensive than Just Nike

Many people are probably wondering whether Jordan and Nike are one and the same. Whilst Nike owns the Jordan Brand, Jordan shoes cost far much more than just Nike’s. Perhaps because the company is built on the foundation of the legendary, and often called, the greatest of all time, basketball player, Michael Jordan. Jordan’s name was first used on a shoe in the early 80’s when Nike created a basketball shoe specifically for Michael Jordan. The shoe was aptly named ‘Air Jordan’, and was later on released to the public in late 1984. Since then, many different versions of the shoe have been released with the brand settling on a trend of an annual release in more recent times. Each year’s release is marked with hype and a variety of emotions from its cult-like following, and a variety of changes and modifications in each shoe. Fans wait with anticipation for release date. Often in past years, the shoe would sell out on the release date!

From the onset, the Jordan shoe was not cheap. However, in recent times, the cost of a re-sold pair of Air Jordans has been listed at a high of $104,000 (The Air Jordan 12 Flu Game 2018)! Considering that the shoe was made for Michael Jordan, who has been ranked as the Greatest Player of all Time, it is no wonder that the shoe costs as much as it does. In addition to this, the shoe is designed as a premium, high performance shoe, with cutting edge technology invested in its creation.

Current releases of the shoe are limited in number and often worn by famous musicians, athletes and other celebrities. This creates more hype with its fan base, and as market forces dictate, limited supply with high demand often forces prices of products up.

The Jordan Brand has now moved on from solely producing the Air Jordan shoes, to athletic and casual clothes, as well as other basketball shoes. The brand has also contracted athletes in other sports such as baseball to wear its sportswear. It continues to sign up new endorsement deals worth millions of dollars every year, raking up more revenue for the brand.

With its focus on athletes and celebrities, the brand markets premium quality items specifically focusing on higher end product purchasers. The products carry the original ‘Jumpman’ from the Air Jordan shoe and not the Nike swoosh log which is carried by all other Nike wear. In an era of declining sales of luxury sports wear, annual sales for the Jordan brand account for a significant percentage of Nike’s earnings. In 2017, Nike reported sales revenue of $3.1 billion solely from the Jordan brand. The total Nike brand sales for the same period was $28.7 billion.

Having latched onto, and invested in a brilliant marketing plan from the onset, the Jordan brand has managed to make record sales over the years. It’s no wonder then, that while Brand Jordan sits under its ‘mother brand’, Nike, it is a strong brand, and without doubt, more expensive than just Nike.


Nike, How It Started

Nike, How It Started

The company, formally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Can you guess how much capital was involved to start the business? $1200. Yes, you heard me! $1200. It all started with a handshake between these two visionaries. Bowerman was a track and field coach while Knight was middle distance runner.

While still operating as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company was distributing sneakers for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese shoe maker. Athletic shoe market was ruled by sneakers and tennis shoes manufactured by Adidas and Puma. These German-made shoes were not designed for running or jogging. Bowerman and Knight thought that they could do a better job of designing shoes for runners and they were right. Knight managed the business while Bowerman was involved in designs.

The company officially became Nike, Inc. in 1971. The “Nike” name means the Greek goddess of victory. According to Otis Davis, Bowerman made the first pair of Nike shoes for him from the waffle iron, contrary to the claims that they were made for Knight. This spawned the “Nike Waffle Trains” patented in 1974.


In 1979, Nike introduced clothing to its product line. These include shorts, running pants and shirts. Nike started selling internationally in 1982. It also started advertising using a small agency in Portland called Weiden & Kennedy.

Just Do It

The first campaign with the slogan “Just Do It” was launched in 1988 inspired by a serial killer, Gary Gilmore. Before he was executed in 1977, Gilmore said, “Let’s do it.” The ad featured the then 80 year old runner trudging across a bridge.

The Nike Swoosh

The symbol was designed by Caroline Davidson in 1971 for only $35. Although it has evolved over the years, it changed the business world.

Sponsorship Programs

Nike began sponsoring athletes in the early 1970s as a means of advertising. It started with a runner named Steve Prefontaine. The runner was offered money to wear Nike shoes when competing. Prefontaine sadly died in a car crash in 1975.

Nike also sponsored Michael Jordan, an upcoming basketball player. Young filmmaker, Spike Lee, was signed to produce ads featuring Jordan. They depicted how the Nike shoes made Jordan “fly”. Because of the ads’ success, everyone wanted to wear Air Jordan shoes. Jordan line of shoes and clothing later formed its own division separate from the other Nike products. In 1988, Nike finally started taking notice of women buyers by sponsoring women athletes.

Over the years, it has had famous faces, for example, Tiger Woods who signed a contract with Nike in 2000 to pitch Nike golf products. Nike also designed uniforms for over 2000 athletes.


Today, Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes with its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Its revenue is estimated to be about $36 billion in 2018. Despite its success, Nike was sometimes slow to changing market trends. For example, in 1980s the company failed to recognize the aerobics craziness. Another company, Reebok International, seized the opportunity which was a success. In 1986, Rebook once again pushed Nike out of the top by providing many styles and colors for women. At that time Nike only looked to men and boys for its sales.

Where to Find Cheap Jordan Shoes

Where to Find Cheap Jordan Shoes

In 1980s, shoes were just shoes. Jordan shoes date back to 1984 when Michael Jordan, a famous basketball player, signed up with Nike. Since then, Nike has been continuously providing new styles and innovations.

Because of their popularity, Jordan shoes have been counterfeited on many occasions in foreign factories. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you are getting quality pair in terms of elasticity and softness. However, cheap doesn’t always mean counterfeit. Below are the places you can find real Jordan shoes at the best deals.

  1. Footlocker Inc

This athletic retailer operates approximately 3270 stores in 26 countries and has direct customer channels including Eastbay.com. For example, Jordan Retro 10 and Jordan Retro 13 for men go for $149.99 and $139.99 respectively. In fact, over 300 of their styles are below $ 149.99.

In the UK, Jordan Legacy Men’s shoes go for £119.99. Free shipping is provided from £25. In Australia, Jordan Air Retro 10 currently is A$270. These shoes are available in different sizes and colors. Footlocker headquarters is in New York.

  1. Febbuy

Ever heard of Febbuy? Well, this store has been in operation since 2009 and has the best prices. It specializes in internet shopping only, with its headquarters in the USA. It buys goods via authorized dealers and provides warranty for the shoes purchased from its website, hence quality is assured. It also allows for returns and exchanges within 30 days in case you are dissatisfied with the product.

At the moment, Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro go for $90.16 with a $12 shipping fee. However, free shipping is provided for items above $200! Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Finish Line

Based in Indianapolis and Boulder, Finish line is known for delivering seamless, positive and memorable experience to customers. It offers latest trends from the best brands and is focused on customers at every point. it currently has more than 180 styles available. For example, men’s Air Jordan 13 Retro Basketball shoes are currently going for $159.98 and available in two colors and respectable sizes. Free shipping is provided as well!

  1. Sneakerhead.com

A leading retailer based in California, Sneakerhead.com is committed to providing exclusive footwear. It has over 200 styles of the Jordan brand for men, women and kids. It offers free shipping and returns on most items. Toddler’s Retro is currently going for $35.95 and men’s Air Jordan $151.95. At Sneakheads.com, you can find different sizes and over 8 colors of the Jordan shoes.

  1. JD Sports

JD Sports headquarters is in Bury, Greater Manchester with branches all over UK. It is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. As the leading trainer retailer in the UK, JD Sports provide Jordan shoes in different colors and sizes. The store has about 15 styles of Jordan shoes for children for less than £50. If you are looking for cheaper shoes for your young ones, here’s the perfect place!


Jordan shoes are the most coveted brand in the world and anybody can wear them. Keep in mind that there are many scam sites and counterfeits claiming to be credible stores. In case you have a Jordan wish list, check out the above stores. You will be assured of genuine quality at favorable prices!

Judge your Favorite Nike Pair

Judge your Favorite Nike Pair

New arrivals guys, here lets expose the main 4 pair that has been selling the most.

This designs are very different one from each other so i hope you like it.

Most of them have the shape of Air Max 90’s

They’re al released in 2018 one of them was mainly designed by the rapper Kayne west.

So time to get started:

1st Pair: Judge by Promotion & Design


Design: 7/10  

Marketing: 3/10

Red, marron and black design … we will not show the price of this piece. but we will give a 7/10 all the team of cheap jordan and team of  SEO plan (friends that we share office with) our score overall for this design 7/10.  Nike has not been promoting this pair anywhere on their campaigns or even website we catalog this shoes as “invisible” for the customer.

2ND Pair

Design: 2/10

Marketing: 1/10

Really poor pair, we didn’t like this design at all, released on early 2018 this pair is something we get even free. Sorry Nike. And of course a total failure for Nike

they didnt even bother in promoting this piece.


3RD Pair

Design: 6/10

Marketing: 7/10

The company has been promoting this shotes on banners, tv the promotion made on this shoes is quite big. the design itself it’s nice an electrify design from Nike.

The Air Max 90. Sweet design & Great promotion

4th Pair

Design: 10/10

Marketing: 9/10

Air Max 90, Our favorite shoes so far, we love what they’ve exposed here  their different tonalities of whites & greys. We love this piece. it’s our favorite newest model that nike jordan has released this year. their marketing of course of this piece is a 9/10 everywhere promoted. TV, Online Banners, Websites.


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Why Cheapjordan.org


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