Judge your Favorite Nike Pair

Judge your Favorite Nike Pair

New arrivals guys, here lets expose the main 4 pair that has been selling the most.

This designs are very different one from each other so i hope you like it.

Most of them have the shape of Air Max 90’s

They’re al released in 2018 one of them was mainly designed by the rapper Kayne west.

So time to get started:

1st Pair: Judge by Promotion & Design


Design: 7/10  

Marketing: 3/10

Red, marron and black design … we will not show the price of this piece. but we will give a 7/10 all the team of cheap jordan and team of  SEO plan (friends that we share office with) our score overall for this design 7/10.  Nike has not been promoting this pair anywhere on their campaigns or even website we catalog this shoes as “invisible” for the customer.

2ND Pair

Design: 2/10

Marketing: 1/10

Really poor pair, we didn’t like this design at all, released on early 2018 this pair is something we get even free. Sorry Nike. And of course a total failure for Nike

they didnt even bother in promoting this piece.


3RD Pair

Design: 6/10

Marketing: 7/10

The company has been promoting this shotes on banners, tv the promotion made on this shoes is quite big. the design itself it’s nice an electrify design from Nike.

The Air Max 90. Sweet design & Great promotion

4th Pair

Design: 10/10

Marketing: 9/10

Air Max 90, Our favorite shoes so far, we love what they’ve exposed here  their different tonalities of whites & greys. We love this piece. it’s our favorite newest model that nike jordan has released this year. their marketing of course of this piece is a 9/10 everywhere promoted. TV, Online Banners, Websites.


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